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Order certificate of the registered family status (form 7.3)

What is the purpose of this document, and what does it contain?

  • The certificate of the registered family status provides information about a person's civil status and about all his or her children born in or out of wedlock.
  • Foreign nationals or naturalised persons can use it to provide evidence of their family status registered in Switzerland.
  • Foreign nationals can only be issued the document if they had an event that affected their civil status after 31 December 2004 (for example marriage or the birth of a child). The document contains their personal data from the date of their first civil status even in Switzerland.
  • The certificate of the registered family status is only complete on condition that all the foreign civil status events have been registered.
  • Swiss and foreign nationals can use the document to provide evidence of family relationships under inheritance law.
  • The adoption authority requires the document for adoptions.
  • The registry office decides whether a certificate of the registered family status or a family certificate is to be issued.

Who is entitled to obtain this document?

The person concerned, every person who is legally entitled to inherit, and notaries public and authorities owing to their legal notarisation and certification activities in inheritance proceedings.

Who issues the document?

  • Swiss nationals: the registry office of a spouse's place of origin
  • Foreign nationals: the registry office of their place of residence


  • Basic fee CHF 40.00, plus CHF 10.00 per registered person, as well as postage
  • Owing to the various costs, this document is only sent with an invoice.
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