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Order family certificate (form 7.4, formerly family booklet)

What is the purpose of this document, and what does it contain?

  • The family certificate indicates the place and date of marriage, as well as the up-to-date personal data of the spouses and the children they have together. It can only be issued to married persons.
  • Married persons can submit the family certificate to employers, banks, insurance companies, pension schemes, courts, etc.
  • Foreign nationals can only be issued a family certificate if they had an event that affected their civil status after 31 December 2004 (for example marriage or the birth of a child born in wedlock).
  • New family booklets cannot be issued any longer. If you should still have one and would like to complement it with a new family certificate, please contact the registry office by telephone.

Who is entitled to obtain this document?


Who issues the document?

  • Swiss nationals: the registry office of a spouse's place of origin
  • Foreign nationals: the registry office of their place of residence


  • CHF 40.00 (+ portage)
  • When a new civil status event occurs, the family certificate is updated free of charge.
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