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Order excerpt from the birth register (CIEC; form 1.80) / birth certificate (form 1.2.3)

What is the purpose of this document, and what does it contain?

  • For births prior to 6 December 2004, only international excerpts from the birth register (CIEC) can be produced.
  • The international excerpt from the birth register (CIEC) is issued in five languages (German, French, Italian, English and Spanish).
  • The national birth certificate is issued in three languages (German, French and Italian).
  • For unmarried parents, the excerpt from the birth register (CIEC) / the birth certificate is the only evidence of their being their child's parents.
  • Foreign nationals require the international excerpt from the birth register for the registration of their child with the representation of their native country.
  • You may, for instance, present the document to your employer for the application for child benefits.
  • The time of birth is recorded in both documents.

Who is entitled to obtain this document?

The person concerned, the parents of an underage child, the legal representative of an underage child or an adult.

Who issues the document?

The registry office of the place of birth


CHF 30.00 (+ postage)

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