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Order civil status certificate (form 7.1) / Confirmation of the registered civil status (form 7.13)

What is the purpose of this document, and what does it contain?

  • The civil status certificate provides information about Swiss nationals' up-to-date personal data. It indicates, for instance, their civil status, their current names and places of origin.
  • Foreign nationals can provide evidence of their personal data registered in Switzerland by means of the confirmation of foreign nationals' registered civil status. The registry office can only issue the document if they had an event that affected their civil status after 31 December 2004 (for example marriage or the birth of a child).
  • The documents are often required by vested benefit foundations of single persons or divorcees for the disbursement of their vested benefits.

Who is entitled to obtain this document?

The person concerned

Who issues the document?

  • Swiss nationals: the registry office of their place of origin
  • Foreign nationals: the registry office of their place of residence


CHF 30.00 (+ portage)

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