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Order excerpt from the death register (CIEC; form 2.80) / death certificate (form 2.2.2)

What is the purpose of this document, and what does it contain?

  • For deaths before 6 December 2004, only international excerpts from the death register (CIEC) can be issued.
  • The international excerpt from the death register (CIEC) is issued in five languages (German, French, Italian, English and Spanish).
  • The national death certificate is issued in three languages (German, French and Italian).
  • The document indicates the personal data of the deceased, as well as the place and date of death.
  • The document serves to deregister the deceased in various instances, such as insurance companies and banks, or the land registry.

Who is entitled to obtain this document?

Every person who is legally entitled to inherit, and notaries public and authorities owing to their legal notarisation and certification activities in inheritance proceedings

Who issues the document?

The registry office of the place of death


CHF 30.00 (+ portage)

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