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Ordering documents online

You can easily order and pay for various civil registry documents online. This site will provide you with an overview of all the documents available. You will also learn what the purpose of those documents is, who may order them and how much they cost. The link to the ordering form can be found at the end of each text block.

Power of attorney and data protection

  • Everyone can order civil registry documents about their own data.
  • You can also grant someone else power of attorney in writing to ensure that this other person may represent you. Please note that a person thus authorised will be aware of your personal data.
  • If you are ordering a document for yourself, but you want it to be sent to a different address than your own, you must also grant power of attorney to the person whose address the document must be sent to.

Template, power of attorney


  • If a document you are ordering is meant for the Swiss authorities, there is no need for an apostille whatsoever.
  • If authorities of a foreign country require an apostille (certification of a signature) for confirmation, documents or deeds, you can indicate this in your order and have it produced by the registry office. An apostille costs CHF 25.00, and the registry office fee for issuing it amounts to CHF 40.00 plus postage.
  • You can also obtain an apostille yourself from the State Chancellery of the Canton of Bern after you have received the document and thus only pay the fee of CHF 25.00 for the apostille:

Certification of documents


  • The documents will be exclusively sent by post.
  • Expect a delivery period of up to 10 days within Switzerland.
  • If you have a document sent to you in a foreign country, you will have to expect a longer delivery period.

Postal information for shipment abroad

Documents concerning civil status events in the Canton of Bern

Documents concerning civil status, family and partnership

Document concerning estate planning of person with Bernese citizenship

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